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"Movin' like we CHOSEN, the aura GOLDEN

Got a thing for having my mind, and options, OPEN."

   - LUVA, from her unreleased single "Coming For Keeps" ft. Jamisa (coming soon)

"Fell asleep with a DREAM, woke up fresh to a PURPOSE.."

- LUVA, from her latest single "BLISS"

New York's own female emcee LUVA BLANCO is set to leave her mark on the music scene. She's an independent music artist based out of Staten Island that's determined to bring her sound and flavor to the world.  Fusing hip hop with elements of jazz and soul, brushed over with lyrics so smooth you might miss them, listen as she brings you on a sensual journey down

Luva's Lane




"New York's LUVA has a sensual sound and alluring voice that'll disarm you as she delivers wit and vibes you were unsure you were missing before. With charming metaphors combined with sass and soul, LUVA creates a vibe that makes her unique from other artists..." - BUZZ MUSIC LA

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